Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life is Full of Lessons Why Not Learn Some While Being Injured

In life we are constantly presented with challenges. Some are easier to cope with than others but one must always fight to overcome the challenge they face the best they can. Back on June 6th when I had to DNF the race I had trained so hard for I was presented with a challenge.  Not a small challenge at all with the severe pain I was experiencing in my left hip. Within days of the race I was in at the doctor listening to him talk about what could be wrong with me. It was one of two things, either a stress fracture of the hip or  ligament damage to the hip joint.  I knew what it was because of my pain areas and the lack of weight I could bear on my leg. I knew it was the fracture. (Thanks to Dr Google)
It then took three weeks to get my Mri because of some insurance issues. During that three weeks my pain was some of the worst pain I had ever experienced.  It was worse than having my children natural.  I never wanted to stand up because everytime I did the stabbing pain would put tears in my eyes and my leg would collapse. I always had to hold on to something or I would fall over. I couldn't walk more than 10 feet or my leg would seize up. My walking wasn't really walking it was a very bad limp. I was tired all the time. My endurance levels that were so high all of a sudden were gone. My body was exerting all its energy to trying to cope with my injury and my mental stability was crumbling into pieces.  I literally just felt like I was in a fog. 
After my Mri I was on crutches.  Crutches are not fun. Dr said 6 weeks of them. I was saddened but knew I needed to or I would never heal. The summer kept ticking away and I was trying my best to be a good Mom, trying to keep my house halfway clean, trying to work my job which involves caring for seniors and trying not to fall into a depression. My crutches hurt me to use but it also hurt to not use them. I was doing my best to use them as much as I could.  As my 6 weeks was closing in I knew I wouldn't be off the crutches yet. It still hurt. I was right.  Dr put me on them for another 3 weeks. This three weeks was the hardest. I was 9 weeks into my injury starting these three weeks. We had plans, we had a family vacation, we had Lagoon,  we had to get ready for back to school and we had kids sports starting back up. We managed though.  My kids are troopers and understood Mom was hurt and we adjusted some of our plans with no complaints.  We still had an amazing vacation and managed to get the school clothes and supply shopping done. 
As I went to the Dr again I walked out without my crutches. Whoo hoo! The battle wasn't over yet though. 12 weeks since injury I was just starting physical therapy.  I still can't run. I can't even walk for exercise.  I am getting my leg strength back and my limp is almost gone. I am constantly sore from the physical therapy but it makes me happy because I know soreness in the muscles means stronger muscles.
This takes me to where I am at today. I go back to the Dr again in a week and a half and I am hoping I get the permission to slowly start running again. It will be a slow come back but I know I will be back to where I was in no time. I will not rush it for I do not want to hurt my hip again.
I have learned some very valuable lessons the last few months. I have learned that I enjoy a lot of other things besides running and that just being able to walk is a blessing that I will not take for granted again. I have learned that even though the last few months have been a blur where I felt like everything was falling apart, my kids and husband have stood by me and dealt with me. They have seen me cry and they have seen my pain but they are the only ones that have stood by me this whole time. They have dealt with horrible dinners and a messy house (If I ever get hurt again I have learned I am hiring out help) but they are still here and they don't complain and I thank them wholeheartedly for that.
I will be back! I am on the mend and I am happy!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Squaw Peak 50...A Lesson Leaned.

For months my training has involved some big climbing and a lot of miles to prepare myself for the Squaw Peak 50 which was going to be used as a training run for Tushar and Wasatch.  Unfortunately two and half weeks out from Squaw I started having some leg/hip issues and they hurt enough I backed completely off my training.  As frustrating as it was to not run, I know rest is important.  Three days out from the race I started questioning if I should race.  I just wasn't healing very fast and whatever I have going on might be worse than I thought. Most times when something hurts I get my chiropractor to adjust me and my massages done and I feel great.  This time was different.  I would get worked on and yes it felt better but not great. Oh what was I supposed to do!? I want to race, my heart wanted to, but was it smart!? Every day was a battle trying to make the decision.  I went out for a little three mile run one day out and everything hurt but my heart kept telling me to race. Was it heart or was it my stubbornness?  I am such a driven person who likes things to go her way and the right way. The day before the race I went in for one last therapeutic massage to see if it would help with the pain. It relived some of it and as the day went on I was actually feeling a bit better. Or was I? Was it my head and heart playing games with me and masking the pain? I didn't know. Went to packet pick up and dinner with a good friend and I still had a battle going on interally if racing this race was a smart idea. I knew it wasn't going to be the pace I wanted. As I talked myself into it I told myself it's ok to have a slow race. I was also very aware it possibly could be my first ever DNF. Going to bed I fell asleep with no problem.  I guess this comes with racing a lot.
Alarms went off at 3:30am and I started getting ready for the race. My leg still had movement restrictions but I told myself to just go out and give it a try. I didn't know if the leg would hold for 1 mile or 50 and there was no way to tell unless I tried.  The morning was perfect running weather.  Arriving at the start we had enough time to drop, drop bags and use the restroom and then we were off.  The first two miles were a slight downhill paved trail and the ping in the leg was there but not too bad. Once starting on the dirt trail it was a pretty constant uphill and there was no pain. I was a little excited and I was moving fairly fast. I felt good. Through the climbs and rolling hills of beautiful single track the cushion of the soft dirt was in my favor. Then we hit the dirt road. The scenery was gorgeous and the sun was starting to peek above the mountains. Mile after mile of dirt road and my leg was becoming agitated but it was bearable on shorter running spurts as long as I gave myself a walk break every so often. Then after hitting the aid station around mile 15 or so the road started a decent. Normally I can cruise on downhills but within a half mile I knew my leg was done! It was screaming at me. I kept pushing with walking occasionally to help with the pain.  Then the pain started getting so bad it was putting a tear in my eye and I kept gritting my teeth. I couldn't hardly bear weight on my leg.   It was then I knew this wasn't going to happen today. I gave my husband a call and said I was done. It wasn't a battle worth fighting and hurting something worse than I already had. The next couple miles to the aid station where I decided I would be done I had every emotion go through my head.  I was angry, I was sad, I was disappointed and I hurt!  My head and heart were playing games on me and kept telling me to just keep going.  I was averaging just under a 15 min mile and I could just walk this thing if that's what my leg would let me do. Coming into that aid station as I was trying to make a huge decision on what to do and when exactly to call it quits my ever cheery friend came in behind me. Seeing her happy face I decided on a whim to head out and do my run/walk to the next aid station and go from there. It was only five miles and what else would I be doing if I quit. Probably sitting there waiting for a ride to the start and sulking over my decision. Good decision or not I trekked to the aid that would be at miles 26.5 another 5 miles away. It was beautiful and I met so many awesome people. The mid to back of packers are amazing! They were all so positive! I have always had respect for the people who are on the course longer than me but I gained a whole new respect when these people would stop in the middle of their run to see if I was ok. I had a very obvious limp that I wasn't able to hide anymore and I couldn't even get my leg to run anymore.  All I could do was walk and enjoy the scenery and the company. I came to peace with my decision to definitely be done at the next aid. I knew there were people out there who would use my quitting a race to make themselves feel better but I had to do this for me and my future of racing. I had to block out the negativity I knew I would feel and remember who is most important and that's me.  It's my kids I need to take care of, my household I need to maintain and my job I needed to be well for. No race is worth hurting yourself over for the people who care for you and those who rely on you.  It's one race and I know I will be back and I am sure I will be back in full force and even with more drive. I am stubborn but I also know how to be smart! Squaw Peak 50 I will be back next year and I will conquer you!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Rain Won't Stop Me! Ogden Marathon

As this marathon approaches every year I always wonder why I sign up for it. I don't necessarily like running on the road but yet I still sign up. Then I always remember why this race is close to my heart. The Ogden Marathon was my first race ever, besides high school track. Nine years ago a friend of mine now but back then my gym instructor asked during class if anyone wanted to help fill a spot on her marathon relay team. Of course I volunteered because it sounded challenging! I needed to run 7 miles as my portion and I don't think I had ever ran more than 4 miles and this seemed to be like a good challenge. This first experience is what got me hooked! The race vibe and doing something new and different was fun.  Little did I know then that it would become addicting and I would be out there again in the middle of May, freezing cold, at the start line about to start my 6th running of the Full Marathon.
This year was different I hadn't been training on the road for the continuous pounding. I went out not knowing what would happen. The run went good. I felt strong but my stomach kept having issues.  Running faster at a maintained speed was doing it in. I would stop when I needed, which ended up being 4 times, but by the time I hit mile 16 I was feeling great. My endurance training kicked in and I pounded out the last 10 quick. It rained the whole time and it was cold but all my training runs in the bad weather in the mountains had me prepared and the rain didn't bother me. Finishing this race was all I wanted to do and I did it.  It was a good time with good friends close by. The Ogden marathon is a fun course and well organized. I am sure I will be back! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Majestic Monument Valley 50 K and More!

As I sit here trying to think about what to write I am having a hard time coming up with words that describe how spectacular this race and Monument Valley were. There was something special about this area that caught my heart. I just can't quite grasp what it was.

Early Thursday morning myself and a couple friends headed out on the 7 hour drive to Monument Valley. We went down a day early to help with setup and to get there early enough that my new friend could get settled before she started her 100 mile race the next morning. The day was beautiful. Shortly after we arrived and picked up race numbers we were sent out on the task of filling water jugs. Holy water jugs! I had never realized how many jugs it takes to put on a race. Two truck beds full of water jugs, 5 people, a few wet faces, lots of giggling and an hour later we had the jugs filled and headed back. As we got back the sun was starting to set and it was so absolutely stunning I felt like I couldn't get enough pictures.The day winded down and I got to bed early so I could see my friend off on her 100 mile journey the next morning.

Upon awakening the next morning the air was crisp as we listened to the Navajo prayer given to the runners before they set out on their journey's. After they left on their journey the sun started to peak out and my other friend and I set out to go do one of Ultra Adventures Trifecta Challenges.

On our way to the Honaker Trail we decided to enjoy the road to Monument Valley that 'Forrest Gump' made popular. Being daring and watching for cars we had fun with a little photo shoot running up and down the road. 

Upon arriving at the Honaker Trailhead a little while later, we trekked out to find the San Juan River. It felt as though we were in the middle of nowhere. Well, maybe we were! The canyon and its layered walls were sure a sight to see. Never would have guessed after hiking on the flat desert to get here that it could dive so deep and be so magical looking. We hiked down only a little ways because I needed to get back to the race start so I could do some volunteering.

The rest of the day was spent helping out with runner check in and the 100 mile aid station at mile 36. It was sure a pleasure to help out, hang out, and meet so many neat people. As the sun was about to set it was time for me to start thinking about my race the next day. I was tired from a full day of activities and headed back to camp to get ready and get some zzz's.

As I woke up Saturday from a wonderful 8 hrs of sleep at 5:45 am (unusual amount of sleep for me prior to a race, but I must have been tired!) As I headed out to get going on my 50 k race I was nervous how the day would go. This would be my 3rd race in 5 weeks and I was unsure how the body would react. The morning had a chill that I knew would warm up once the sun was up. As the Navjao's gave us their prayer and the 50 milers took off then Matt sent the 50 k's off. The first trail was fast and very runnable.  I was quickly reminded once again in a race I started too quick. My asthma started acting up 4 miles in and I knew I needed to get my heart rate down and my breathing under control. This is so hard for me and I am always learning how to try and get it under better control. After slowing down for a little bit I was able to gain control of the wheezing lungs and enjoy the beauty that was surrounding me. The sunrise was outstanding and made the red of the landscape so very vibrant!

Good Morning Sunshine!

The Three Sister's

In and out of the Hogan Aid Station for the first time and the second time I don't remember much. I was enjoying the scenery but at the same time I felt like I was running hard. I figured out I was in third when I left the aid station the first time and I put myself in a racing mode and pushed forward. The fourth place gal was on my heels and eventually passed me. My legs were achy from the prior races especially when I hit the 3rd loop which I believe was called the Arches loop. It was a long 9.5 miles with a lot of sand! Grinding through it and just trying to go as fast as I could I was fully enjoying the views as I ran past beautiful sand dunes, horses, monuments and arches.

Yep that's snow!
Coming back into the Hogan Aid for the 3rd time my body was cramping. I never cramp! I was out of water so I knew I was drinking enough, or at least thought I was. I had been doing my regular regiment of salt tabs and I was good on nutrition. At the aid station I doubled up on my normal salt, downed some Tailwind and water and filled my pack back up with water and headed out to the what I knew would be a huge climb to Mitchell Mesa. On the road and the wash to get there the body started to feel better. During this time though I realized I was dehydrated and it was the fluids I needed to get the cramping under control. My body was screaming at me from the day before and not getting enough fluids while being outside all day. The pace started to pick up again and I gained back up on the lady who had passed me 10 miles ago. As I started the climb up to Mitchell Mesa I felt great and pushed up the technical 1500 ft climb in full force, with even running in sections where I could.

Looking out into the valley on the climb up Mitchell Mesa.

Yep we went up that!

Looking east from the mesa,

Looking west from the mesa.

Once on top of the mesa the trail and the views were great. To the out and back and back and on the tail of that lady my mood changed suddenly and I decided then and there I wanted to place in this race. On the way back down I was flying and pushed hard and fast through the aid station one last time to the final 4 mile stretch of dirt road to the finish. I give a lot of credit to Julia (the lady I was chasing) for forcing me to stay on her heels as she and I passed the 1st and 2nd place girls on the road to the finish. I barely caught the 2nd place girl a couple hundred yards from the finish running the steep switchbacks. My lungs were on fire, not only from working really hard, but all the dust from the cars on the road. Rolling into the finish line and being greeted by friends I was excited to be done! That was hard work! Top three women finishing within a couple of minutes of each other was a crazy thing! SO proud of the ladies who placed with me. I have them to thank for pushing me hard to the finish.

Such a great race! I absolutely loved this course, it was tough, fun and beautiful. I feel so very lucky to have been able to experience the sacred lands of the Navajo's. While out there I could feel why they are sacred. The Navajo's and Ultra Adventures made this a race I will never forget!

View from my camp site.
As the weekend came to a close on Sunday and I headed home I thought about all the people I met and this outstanding place I just left. This is not just about running, it is about building friendships, creating memories, helping others and just being happy.

Thanks to my hubby and three kids for letting me get away and thanks to Ultra Adventures for yet another great event!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Antelope Canyon 50 Mile Race Report

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. ~Anonymous

Often times we as humans like to test ourselves and see what we are mentally and physically capable of. This is why we as humans have succeeded and grown in this world. This race was a test for me. I wasn't quite sure if it was just all out stupid or if it would hurt me, but I knew I was ready for the challenge of running back to back races. The Saturday before I ran the Red Hot 55 k and I ran hard! I had no clue how my body would react to running a 50 mile race a week later. This was only my second 50 mile race ever and I remembered how I felt after my first one just under a year ago and it was not good.  The week in between the races was a bit rough. I had a stomach ache for a couple days, I had a tooth ache and the morning before the race I burnt my hand to the point where it sizzled at me. I felt off and had pains I am not used to. Even to top it all off as we were eating dinner the night before the race I realized my pack was at home 420 miles away, oops! Thanks to some wonderful friends who pack extra packs I was spared to not to have to run with just my handheld. They even had my identical pack so I knew it would fit like a glove!

The morning was perfect as I arrived to the start line bright and early with the perfect chill in the air. As the race started I was pretty much the last person to leave as I had just found my friend to hand off my coat I was wearing. The first few miles was tough playing the passing game.The sky started to lighten up as the sun was rising and the clouds were beautiful.

About 7 miles in though my legs started to feel tired already and I thought to myself that this was a bad idea, I should not be out here racing again so soon. The sand was beating them up quick and they did not feel recovered from last week. Trekking along I just told myself over and over again that I just needed my legs to go numb and then the aching would go away. Running towards Antelope Canyon the wash was long and sandy but once getting to the canyon it broke up the monotonous run through the sand with a dark and mysterious slot canyon that had just a small amount of light coming in to make it feel eerie.  I had to turn my head light on in order to not hit my head.

In and out of the canyons and back down the wash to where we came from I got in the mode of just putting one foot in front of the other back through the sand. Sand was everywhere! I was thinking about those crazy long multiple day desert races people do and how it is just insane!

P.C. Kendall Wimmer

 After arriving back at the Antelope Aid Station I took a few minutes to recoup and off I went. Following some other runners we then somehow found ourselves off course and not going through the canyon we were supposed to go through. We dropped as close to the top as we could and ran along the edge of the canyon till it opened up and we were back on course.  Our little group thinned out as the sand was taking a taking a toll on me and a couple of the others. I started to walk a bit on the hills, my legs just didn't have the power in them. The next several miles felt like a blur. In and out of the slick rock aid station, after refilling my pack with my gels I continued on to Horseshoe Bend Aid Station. The sandy road going into it wasn't too bad because it was downhill. I actually enjoyed it because it felt like a roller coaster to me. It had rolling little hills all the way down. As I came into Horseshoe Bend I was welcomed by friends who helped me fill my pack back up with water while I drank some coke and ate gummy bears. I didn't stay long. I had caught back up with some girls there who had passed me earlier on and my competitive side came out a bit and I wanted to get in front of them.

P.C. Pam Stuart
Shortly after leaving the aid station I came up on Horseshoe Bend. The view was so breathtaking it actually gave me the chills. All that sand was worth this view! The next 8 miles or so went well with many stops for pictures. I was feeling good and actually felt like my legs had gone numb. I think slick rock running is fun and a good break from sand. It made me feel like a kid on a playground jumping up and down and having to use my hands to crawl down some spots.

Fun Slick Rock
Dropping into Waterhole
After arriving at Waterholes Aid which I stayed at just for a few minutes while I ate a sandwich. I dropped into the  Waterholes Canyon and once again was surprised by the beauty that surrounded me.  
Weaving through the canyon I was thinking about how grateful I am to be able to do things like this.I think a lot when I run. I don't listen to music and only hear the sounds mother nature provides and my own thoughts, It is exactly the way I like it! I have taught myself to never take anything for granted and to enjoy everything to the fullest.  
P.C. Kendall Wimmer

Even when I came across the sandy mountain, maybe it was just a hill, but it felt like a mountain to get out of the canyon. I was still grateful.

After climbing out of the canyon there was a long stretch of sandy road back to Horseshoe Bend Aid. Moving fairly quick I started passing people. I was in my own little world just putting one foot in front of the other again trying not to swear about the sand. Arriving at Horseshoe I sat and emptied sand out of one of my shoes for the first time and only because I felt a hot spot.  The Dirty Girl Gaiters I got the day before were paying off as a very good investment. Shoe back on and some more of those dang delicious gummy bears I was off back up that road I thought was fun going down. The road was not near as fun to go back up, it didn't feel like a roller coaster anymore, it just felt like SAND! I was still moving good in my run/hike mode and made it back to Slick Rock Aid. As I pulled in, there were some ladies there I hadn't seen all day and I noticed they were 50 milers. I thought to myself, "Nice!! I pulled up from the back of the pack to the middle."  I wanted to stay in front of them so I was out of there quick. I stayed in front until the Rim Aid Station when one of them passed me again. I set out on her heels cruising on the Page Rim trail. She was hauling! I was getting nervous about keeping this pace up for another 10 miles and backed off a bit to a more comfortable pace for me. That is when I decided to take my phone off airplane mode and shortly after a text came through from a friend back home while I had it out to take a picture.
 She said, "You are killing it, you're in 3rd place" It took a few moments and then I realized there must be live tracking and that girl not too far in front of me must be in second and Jennilyn must be in first. WHAT!? No way! Here I had come out to race and 'have fun' a week after running another race last weekend and I had a chance at placing.  I decided then and there 3rd was not the place I wanted. I wanted 2nd! My mind had a powerful drive in it at that moment that I have never let it experience before. I took off as fast as I could with 44 miles on my legs. In and out of the Lake Powell Aid I had one thing on my mind and it was to catch that girl.  Nothing against her and I want to thank her for helping me find that drive I have never found before. The drive to find out how powerful my mind can be if I let it. Three miles from the finish I passed her and shortly after that I had encouraging words from some other runners I know. I knew I couldn't back down now. Tired and drained I pushed hard all the way to the end and finished in 2nd (for women) with a time of 9:45. 
Such an amazing learning experience the whole day was! I learned that my body is a powerful machine and it can do things I once thought was never possible. Back to back races and still pulling through to run well. I would have never thought this would be possible after running my first Ultra almost exactly a year ago. It is all made possible by my wonderful family letting me train and all the advice and support from my ultra running friends. Thanks to all!

Special thanks to Matt Gunn and Ultra Adventures for letting me be a part of a spectacular running series.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hot Red Hot 55K

New year, new goals, new dreams.

Moab's Red Hot 55k

As this race approached I was excited like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Last year this was my first Ultra and I wanted to go back and and see what I could do after a year of running Ultra's.  I didn't have huge goals, but I had some. I always set three goals for each race I do. First goal for this race was a little far reached, but hey you never know. The second goal is what I should have hit if I was having a good day going off my times from other races and the third goal was just to beat my last year time.

The morning of the race I was experiencing some stomach issues, not sure if it was food I ate, my kids sickness passed on to me, or just nerves. It was very uncomfortable though. The morning was beautiful and I was going to race no matter what.
The hubbs and I ready to go.
At the beginning of most races I feel like I have to tell myself to control my speed and go my own pace. It's hard to do when everyone takes off so fast. A mile into the race my body reminded me that I need to slow down a bit. My breathing was already becoming very labored and wheezy. I have asthma. Cold air, anxiety (pre-race jitters) and running fast before my lungs are warm is and can be disastrous for me. By the time I hit mile 4 my lungs were burning still even though I had slowed down a bit. I then knew I needed to walk the steeper hills.  So I did. It was hard to do with people passing me but I know my body and I needed to be smart, it is a long race I kept reminding myself over and over.  As I approached the first aid station I was still struggling and actually walked for a good 1/4 mile. Then the miracle happened! I could breath again, so off I went. Feeling good I knew it was time to move. I had time to make up and that was when my stomach so kindly reminded me that it was still not feeling well. Over the next 10 miles and 4 stops in the bushes (sorry, too much info) the stomach got better. However, in between stops I was still moving good.
As I started the second half of the race, which is very technical I was feeling much better. I was climbing strong and moving about as fast as I could to try and reach my goals. The mind and body were cooperating finally and I was fully enjoying the beautiful country I was in.

At the beginning of the race there were some girls I was running with that I told myself I would find again when I had lost them with all my stops. Around mile 26 I saw them. They were quite a bit ahead of me, but I slowly gained back on them and ended passing them at the last aid station. One sure gave me a run for the money and this is what kept me going strong. I call it healthy competition. Feeding off other runners helps me keep going when I am feeling uncomfortable. A couple miles from the finish I knew goals one and two were not going to be met and I realized that goal three wouldn't be met either unless I pushed harder. Pushing myself down the technical downhill and rounding the corner to the finish line I was almost in a full sprint and it felt good. I saw the clock and I knew I made it! Goal three accomplished and I was finished! 14th female and 100th place overall made me very happy with the field of runners I was running against and the physical struggles I had the beginning of the race. 

Finish Line Push

I just love this race and I will be back next year to hopefully accomplish goal one or two. Happy Running!

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Gonna Be A Good Year!

Let the fun begin and lets get these races started! After my break into Ultra running last year I have grown tremdously. Not only in my running ability but in my mental stability. Who knows,  maybe that comes with age, but I think running and running a lot has helped me in every aspect of my life. I am calmer, I am a wise user of my time and I have learned to not care so much about a spotless house. If it was spotless, with how much I run, I couldn't spend all the valuable time needed doing fun stuff with my three greatest gifts and best friends, my children. I often get asked how I do it. How do you work a full time job, raise children and be a good wife all while running 40 to 60 miles per week?! Well let me tell you. ... I do not know what shows are on tv, I wake up or go to bed at ungodly hours sometimes, I use my kids sports practice times as my sport practice time, if I can not make it to a trail, I will run the road and most importantly I have made it a priority, but definitely not my # 1. That would be my family. Family always first!

The real reason for this post is to announce my race schedule,  which I am super excited for. I recently became an ambassador for Ultra Adventures and I am ready to race the beautiful races of the Grand Circle. I have big races and big goals and can't wait to see what happens! 

2015 Race Schedule

Feb 14.  Red Hot 55K
Feb 21 Antelope Canyon 50 Mile
March 14  Monument Valley 50k
April 11 Zions (distance TBD)
May 16 Ogden Marathon
June 6 Squaw Peak 50 Mile 
July 31 Tushar 100
September 11 Wasatch 100 (if I get drawn)
or September 25 Bear 100

Lots of races, but racing is fun for me. I am not the fastest and I know it, but it is not about winning the race it is about winning the battle in my head and using this machine, called my body, to overcome obstacles and battles most will never experience. Cheers to happy racing!